Bahamas Mattress: Thick and comfortable with its 7 comfort zones and summer/winter sides
  • Bahamas Mattress - 7 Comfort Zones, 30 cm Thickness, Summer and Winter Sides
  • Optimal comfort with the Bahamas mattress: 7 zones, 30 cm thickness, reversible
  • Bahamas Mattress: Comfort and Support for All Seasons
  • Sleep Comfortably with the LUXOR Australia Memory Foam Mattress
  • Sleep peacefully on the Bahamas mattress suitable for summer and winter
  • Bahamas Mattress: Thick and comfortable with its 7 comfort zones and summer/winter sides

Bahamas Mattress - 7-Zone Comfort, 30cm Thickness, Reversible Winter/Summer


Enjoy unparalleled sleep 🌟🌠😴

🔄 Double-sided mattress: adapts to seasonal variations and your individual preferences

💨 Optimal ventilation and moisture regulation: for a cool and dry sleep

🛏️ Benefits of memory foam: natural alignment of the spine, reduction of muscle tension, and improvement of back problems

🕺 Independent sleeping: pocket springs reduce vibrations to avoid disturbing your partner's sleep

🌡️ Pocket springs promote the elimination of heat and humidity: for an even more pleasant sleep

🌟 Exceptional unit elasticity: for perfect sleeping independence and optimal comfort

Dimension: 140x190cm

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🌟 Treat yourself to a good night's sleep with our mattress combining firmness, softness, and comfort for restful and rejuvenating nights. 😴

Opt for a top-of-the-line sleep experience with a premium mattress designed to provide unparalleled comfort, ideal sleeping independence, and support that adapts to your body. Discover the benefits of a peaceful and regenerating sleep now!

🛠️ Advanced Technology 🛠️

Benefit from the combination of latex, memory foam, and pocket springs for a perfect fit to your body and optimal support.

🛌 Sleeping Independence 💞

Enjoy a peaceful sleep without being disturbed by your partner's movements thanks to the sleeping independence provided by the pocket springs.

📏 Thickness 30 cm 📏

With a thickness of 30 cm, our mattress offers exceptional comfort and durability to accompany you over time.

🌎 Oekotex Certification 🌿

Eco-friendly and healthy, our mattress is Oekotex certified, guaranteeing the absence of harmful substances.

🏅 Enjoy European excellence and expertise 🏅

With our mattress designed and manufactured in Belgium.

🛡️ 5-year warranty 🛡️

Sleep with peace of mind with our 5-year warranty.

✨ Luxurious cover ✨

Our mattress has a summer cover in microfiber polyester and a winter cover in extra soft double stretch Jacquard, ensuring optimal comfort in all seasons.

🌬️ Optimal Ventilation 🌬️

The refreshing and anti-allergic padding allows for perfect ventilation for peaceful and restful sleep.

💠 7 Comfort Zones 💠

Enjoy dynamic support tailored to your morphology thanks to the 7 comfort zones recommended by the Munich Ergonomics Institute.

🔄 Double-sided mattress 🔄

Adapt your mattress to the seasons and your desires thanks to its two reversible sides.

🌡️ Humidity Regulation 🌡️

Optimal elimination of heat and humidity for fresh and dry sleep thanks to the innovative design of our mattress.

🌟 Benefits of Memory Foam 🌟

Reduce pressure points, align your spine, and relieve muscle tension for restful and painless sleep.

⚖️ Weight Distribution ⚖️

The non-woven weight distributor provides reinforced back support for restful and painless sleep.

🔒 Individual Elasticity 🔒

Excellent individual elasticity ensures perfect sleeping independence, allowing each sleeper to fully enjoy their space without disturbing the sleep of the other. 🌟

🔧 Structure Details 🔧

The mattress structure is composed of High-Density Memory Foam, summer side sleeping in 27kg/m³ polyurethane foam, and winter side sleeping in High Resilience foam enriched with latex microparticles density 45kg/m³. The core is made of 180mm high pocket springs (1254 springs for a 140x190cm mattress) offering maximum ventilation for a always fresh and welcoming mattress.

📄 Mattress Specifications 📄

💪 Support: firm

🤗 Comfort sensation: soft

🧪 Mattress technology: latex, memory foam, and pocket springs

📏 Mattress thickness: 30cm

🔒 Country of manufacture: Belgium and 5-year warranty

🌞 Summer cover: microfiber polyester

❄️ Winter cover: extra soft double stretch Jacquard in polyester

🔥 Summer cover padding: refreshing with anti-allergic polyester

💧 Winter cover padding: 10mm memory foam and anti-allergic polyester fiber padding for optimized breathability

🎀 Double stretch Jacquard luxurious extra soft and polyester sideband

🚚 Delivery Information 🚚

📦 Weight and dimensions (rolled) per mattress

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Data sheet

Epaisseur du matelas
30 cm
Face été / hiver
Core Composition
Latex 100% Nature
Memory foam 60kg/m³
Pocket springs 8000/m²
pressure point relief
5 stars
Confort type
Sleeping style
Back sleeper
Side sleeper
stomach sleeper
Spine regulator
Fiber type
100 % fibre creuse siliconée 3D "Sensifibre"
Country of manufacture
Type de pièce
Conseil d'entretien
Vous pouvez saupoudrer généreusement le matelas avec du bicarbonate de soude (en y ajoutant quelques gouttes d'essence aromatique si vous le souhaitez), laissez reposer 2 heures. Passez délicatement l'aspirateur (avec un embout propre) sur toute la surfac
Mentions légales
Produit destiné à un usage domestique
Revêtement - coutil
qualité de finition et de résistance supérieure
Zones de soutien
Extra Confort Matelas: 7 zones de soutien ADAPTABILITÉ SUPÉRIEURE
Indépendance de couchage
3D Polyester inizis®
Matelas livré roulé compressé
Garantie additionnelle
Garantie fournisseur : 5 ans - Pièces
Le matelas doit être déballé et déroulé dans un délai de 48h après réception, dans le cas contraire, la garantie ne pourra être appliquée.
Composition du lot
1 mattreses

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