Zenn Square Pillow by Simply Green® in natural latex for quality sleep
  • Zenn Square Pillow by Simply Green® in natural latex for quality sleep
  • Rest assured with the Zenn Square natural latex pillow from Simply Green®

Zenn Square Pillow 100% Natural Latex Simply Green® - Ergonomic Comfort & Optimal Breathability


Enjoy a restful and environmentally friendly sleep with our natural latex pillow and bamboo viscose cover. 100% natural latex offers ergonomic comfort and optimal support thanks to its viscoelastic properties. The bamboo viscose cover ensures superior softness and comfort while being environmentally friendly. Certified by Oeko-Tex, this pillow is not only good for your health but also for the environment.

The removable and washable cover allows for easy maintenance for optimal hygiene. Bamboo offers antimicrobial and moisture-absorbing properties, providing natural protection against mold, mites, and bacteria.


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Looking for the ultimate comfort for your nights of sleep?

Discover the Simply Green Zenn pillows made of 100% natural latex and bamboo cover. Expertly designed, these pillows offer dynamic support and ergonomic comfort thanks to the viscoelastic properties of natural latex. The bamboo viscose cover adds a touch of softness and environmental respect. The Simply Green Zenn pillows feature antimicrobial properties and superior moisture absorption, offering you a healthy and peaceful sleep. The pillows adapt to all sleep positions and are recommended for relieving cervical and shoulder pain. With quality Belgian manufacturing, you can be assured of sleeping on a cloud of softness.

Technical specifications:

Core: 100% natural latex Cover: 100% bamboo viscose Comfort: Dynamic and plush Certification: Oeko-Tex Maintenance: Removable cover machine washable at 40°C (pillow inside should not be washed) Protection: Anti-mold, anti-dust mite, and antibacterial Sleep position: All positions (back, side, stomach) Recommended for: People suffering from cervical and shoulder pain Dimensions: 57 x 57 x 12.50 cm (square format)

Delivery: In a protective bag, at the first door of the building with appointment by SMS (excluding DOM-TOM and Corsica)

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